Australia Immigration from Dubai – A Complete Guide

If you are a skilled professional who is a resident of Dubai, Australia can represent a highly compelling option when it comes to immigration. Australia welcomes thousands of workers from various countries who are committed to starting a new life in an exciting new country.

From the immigration system, to the high performing economy and stable political environment, there are many reasons why Australia is attractive to immigrants, and in this blog, we look at some of the key considerations for those weighing up making the move.

Skilled workers and professionals

Australia has set out a number of key professions which it deems as being able to address a skills shortage in the country. Because of its ageing population, Australia can benefit from incoming workers with the ability to fill these holes in the workforce.

The government has put together a Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List in order to encourage applications from foreign workers skilled in these sectors. Among the industries outlined as being ‘shortage occupations’ are:

– Accounts and Finance
– Construction and Mining
– Engineering
– Healthcare
– Manufacturing
– Tourism

Improving your eligibility rating – Australia immigration

To apply for a permanent residency in Australia, you must have at least 60 points in the immigration point test. In order to increase immigration points and thus eligibility, it is possible to improve English language proficiency and perform better in the International English Language Testing System. You should note that eight bands in the International English Language Testing System is equal to 20 eligibility points.

Also, a nomination from an Australian employer can bump up your points, too.

How much money is needed for immigration Australia?

There are a number of cost considerations you need to take when thinking about immigrating to Australia. These can include fees for the visa application itself, which will vary according to how many people are applying. There is also the skill assessment fee to pay. And don’t forget about medical examination fees, living expenses for Australia, health insurance fees and, of course, airline tickets.

So there is some key information regarding immigration Australia-style. With the right amount of points, and planning, you could be starting a new life in Australia.