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Australia is considered one of the world’s best countries for people to live, work or study.

Australia’s doors are open

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world with a population of just 24 million. This small population is extremely diverse with almost half consisting of immigrants from all over the world. Given the skilled worker deficit in their labour pool, there is ample economic opportunities for immigrants.

Australia public healthcare system is top-notch

Australia’s Medicare is one of the most efficient public healthcare systems in the world. It provides basic health coverage for all Australians, which includes treatment in a public hospital, consultation fees for doctors, necessary tests and procedures (including surgery) and medicine.

Australia’s education system is world-renowned

Australia attracts the third highest number of international students among English-speaking countries after the US and UK.

Not only does Australia offer a safe, friendly and multicultural environment to its foreign students, its universities are known around the world for high standards of education, leading to excellent work prospects and further educational opportunities for their graduates.

Living costs for students are much lower in Australia compared to the US and UK.

Australia is a great place to raise a family

Australia provides several social benefits to families, including childcare benefits (assistance with the cost of child care), paid parental leave (working mothers with a newborn get up to 18 weeks off at minimum wage) and newborn support (assistance with the costs of a newborn baby or adopted child).

Become a citizen

Everyone becomes eligible for Australian citizenship after only four years of permanent residence in the country.

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