Best Countries to Emigrate to From Dubai

If you’re looking to emigrate from Dubai and find a new home in pastures new, the options can seem overwhelming. However, two countries stand out above the crowd for their outstanding quality of life and their positive, welcoming attitude towards immigrants: Australia and Canada.

Emigrating from Dubai to Australia

A nation founded on immigration, Australia should be high on your go-to list.

Since 1945, over seven million people have immigrated to Australia, making it a remarkably multicultural and open society.

What’s more, Australia ranks among the world’s top countries for high living standards, not least because of its fantastic education and healthcare systems and fast-growing economy.

The good news is that moving to Australia doesn’t have to be a daunting journey, thanks to the country’s organised immigration process and its recognition of the contribution of skilled immigrants to Australian society.

Visa categories include the Australian skilled migration visa and Australian spouse visa.

Emigrating from Dubai to Canada

Canada is also a top choice for those looking to move from Dubai.

Some of the great advantages of living in Canada include excellent free healthcare, a high quality of life and a strong economy.

Many people are also drawn by the fact that residents of Canada are eligible for citizenship after just three years!

A country that values the importance of skilled workers for economic growth and prosperity, Canada has already welcomed millions of people seeking a better life and greater opportunities. This process is made easier by the country’s well-developed immigration programs.

It has never been easier to move to Canada, with recent changes in immigration policies making it even more straightforward for people to immigrate via a streamlined system of visa categories.

These include the Canadian skilled migration visa, Canadian spouse/family visa and Canadian student visa.

Express Global Residency and Resettlement Consultants can offer a helping hand to make immigrating to popular destinations like Australia and Canada a stress-free experience.

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