Citizenship By Investment for Dubai Investors

If you are a Dubai investor looking for a dual citizenship, there are a number of programmes available to you. Some countries have schemes set up to reward overseas investors for their outlays into the country by means of a passport, and in this blog we look at a selection of such initiatives from around the world, including their benefits and how to take advantage.


Citizens of Malta have the right to work and live in the European Union and also travel to the UK without a visa, as part of the Visa Waiver programme. The US is one of just 166 countries which you can expect to travel to visa-free once you are equipped with a Maltese passport. Expect to pay upwards of $1.6 million – you also need to live in the country for an unstated amount of time every year. The programme is limited to 1,800 passports – so act quickly!


With a passport from Grenada you will be able to access 110 countries, including Singapore, the UK, and most of the countries in the Commonwealth. Citizenship typically requires an investment of over a quarter of a million dollars in a specific real estate scheme. You will find that this is a transaction which is completely private.


Russia operates a business programme which allows citizenship by investment. It is understood that 10 million rubles must be invested and that at least 10 per cent of the total shares will be owned after the investment is made. This is a capitalisation of 100 million rubles. Taxes of at least 6 million rubles must be paid every year for three years in order to qualify for a Russian passport. Once you have citizenship, you can look forward to accessing over 100 countries. The scheme has been set up with the purpose of attracting business into Russia and opening up new job opportunities in the country.

So that’s our wrap up of three enticing citizenship by investment schemes for investors in Dubai. If you have your eye on the new horizons which a new passport could provide, it could be a good idea focusing your business interests on these countries. You can find out more by speaking to us at EGRRC.