High Demand Jobs in Canada – Check If Yours Is Included

If you are a professional whose skillset applies to one of the 347 occupations across Canada, you could be suitable for immigration to the country.

The Express Entry Immigration system has been implemented by the Government of Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program and puts forward minimum entry criteria to be met by applicants. The candidates are then ranked by a Comprehensive Ranking System, and those that are ranked highest can be invited to apply for permanent residence. Once an invitation has been received, a full application must be submitted within no more than 60 days.


There are a number of conditions which need to be met to qualify as a Federal Skilled Worker for the Express Entry Pool. As specified by Immigration Canada, Federal Skilled Workers must have at least one year of non-stop paid work experience in a full-time role, or the equivalent part-time job, within the last 10 years – and this occupation must fall within the list of 347 position types.

Also, the work experience has to be classified within the Skill Type categories specified by the National Occupational Classification system – namely; O, A and B.

Applicants need to score at least 67 points according to the skilled worker point grid, which is comprised of six selection factors. They must also take language tests designed by a third-party provider and be able to demonstrate language skills to an intermediate level in English or French – this is judged according to the Canadian Language Benchmark. Suitable settlement funding must be possessed, and a security background check must be undergone, along with a medical examination.

The range of 347 jobs occupations for jobs in Canada included in the Express Entry Immigration system encompasses a wide range of industries and roles, including to name a few; bricklayers, plumbers and glaziers; dentists, veterinarians, optometrists and chiropractors; senior managers, legislators and purchasing managers; geological engineers, petroleum engineers and aerospace engineers; and athletes, coaches and sports officials.

Considering the sheer range of jobs in the Express Entry Immigration system list, if you are a skilled professional there seems a good chance you might be suitable to apply for immigration to Canada.