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Express Global Residency & Resettlement Immigration Services

At EGRRIS, we empower you to take the next big step in life and move to your dream country. Whether you wish to start a new chapter in your career, get that degree you’ve always wanted or relocate as a family, we’ll make sure that your visa application to Canada or Australia is smooth and hassle-free.

Skilled Migration

Developed countries such as Canada and Australia have long been ideal choices for skilled workers, thanks to the high standard of living and social benefits available.There are significant shortages in the labour market in both countries, providing skilled migrants with plenty of opportunities for career development. Let us make the case for you and your family as the ideal candidates for programs like Canada’s Federal Skilled Workers Program (Express Entry/Quebec Skilled Workers), Provincial Nominee Program or Australia’s several Skilled Immigration Visas.

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Family Visa

Moving away from your home country for greener pastures doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your loved ones behind. Canada and Australia allow you to sponsor your spouse/partner and dependents so that they can join you in your new home. Both countries boast excellent schooling and healthcare systems as well a host of social benefits, making them ideal places to raise a family. Spouses/partners are entitled to full work rights in Australia and may apply for a work permit in Canada.

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Student Visa

Students from across the globe choose Canada and Australia for their higher education for two very good reasons:

1) both countries boast highly reputed colleges and universities; and

2) they offer a high standard of living to international students at relatively affordable costs.

Being immigrant-friendly countries, Canada and Australia also offer international students exposure to different cultures, which greatly enhances the learning experience.

Getting a world-class degree gives you a competitive edge in today’s job market, and studying in either country will truly broaden your horizons.

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Visit Visas

Would you like to treat yourself to a nice vacation this year?

Canada and Australia are home to both spectacular cities and natural beauty, as well as a variety of cultural festivals, outdoor activities and multiethnic cuisines, that will provide an unforgettable experience for tourists.

Whether you choose Canada or Australia as your next destination, we’ll take the visa application hassle off your hands.

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